April 16, 2014 Blog

Things to Consider When Going Camping

Camping is great a recreational activity for anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Camping has a history dating back to the late 1800s. The first campground, called Cunningham’s camp, was established in 1894. Thomas Holding is considered the father of recreational camping, and Holding spent most of his youth and his adult years enjoying the outdoors and touring both the United States and Ireland.

Camping is as popular today as it was in the early days, and in some ways it is even more attractive than it used to be. In fact, three million more people went camping in 2012 than in 2011.
The typical camper travels almost 200 miles and engages in five or more camping trips a year. There are many things that you should consider before going camping in Ohio. Read through the tips below and make sure you are prepared for your outdoor adventure.

1. Camping in Ohio does not mean that you have to rough it in a tent, unless you want to, that is! You have a variety of camper, cabin, and other luxury options open to you to make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible.
Consider RV camping at RV parks with a rental if you want luxury and all the amenities of home. Our cabins also provide comfort with running water, electricity, and a spacious area for you to spend your time. When you rent a cabin or an RV you don’t have to worry about bringing items that you would if you were staying in a tent.

2. Think about how to respect your outdoor environment when you go family camping. You do not want to contaminate the wilderness or leave refuse behind. Purchase biodegradable soaps to keep the water within the campground clean, and bring trash bags to store all food and garbage wastes in. Do not leave the waste at the campground.

3. Family camping is great for kids and it will give them a chance to experience something new! The outdoor wilderness brings a wide variety of sounds and sensations that may be frightening to children. Set up a tent outdoors with your kids and explain how crickets, birds, and other animals make noises in the evening. Make sure to bring flashlights, both for security and to provide a fun atmosphere.

4. Camping in Ohio is an adventure. This means you should look for new experiences to make the most of your camping trip. Consider mountain hikes, canoe adventures, and wilderness exploration.