Tent Camping with Your Family

Tent Camping with Your Family

Nothing beats the great outdoors! And when you are going for an authentic camp experience, the ultimate vacation is to go tent camping.

The tradition of tent camping goes way back, and is an integral part of America’s vacation culture. Viewed by many as the best way to experience nature, tent camping has become a beloved tradition in many families in the United States and beyond — and family campgrounds are just the place to go.

It is truly authentic. While tent camping is perfectly safe, especially when the tent is pitched within family camping resorts, it is always good to do a tent trial run in your backyard with the younger ones, mostly so they know what to expect. Maybe, if they are not quite ready, an RV rental or cabin rental is a better option. There is always next year to try out tent camping. Another fun, unusual way to camp is in a yurt — more and more campgrounds are offering yurts for families that like to camp together.

Family camping and tent camping is an amazing way to orient your children with nature, and how important it is to “take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints,” as the old saying goes. You can show your kids how their behavior and habits can directly affect the world around them, negatively if without respect. For example, instruct them to use biodegradable soaps so that no harmful chemicals will be released into the ground water. There are so many valuable lessons on ecological responsibility to be learned, and family summer camps are an excellent setting.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to why camping is so great. Typical campers go on five camping trips a year, at an average of 150 miles away from their home. This shows you that once you start going camping, you will never want to go to a boring old hotel again to have a break from your crazy and hectic life -— you will always want to go camping! Furthermore, think of all the amazing destinations you can reach within a 150-mile sphere around your home. And after years of exhausting those options, you have the rest of the world to explore!
Now get camping!


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts have everything you and your family need to make long-lasting memories. From pools, water slides, and splashgrounds to jumping pillows, wagon rides, and foam parties to theme events, s’mores, and of course, visits with Yogi Bear™ and his friends, family fun is always the main attraction at our family campgrounds! With more than 75 locations across the United States and Canada, we make it easy to enjoy a quality camping experience that’s close to home.

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