April 30, 2015 Blog

How Camping Trips Are Increasingly Offering the Comforts of Home

Camping has long been known as one of the few remaining ways for families to escape the distractions of everyday life and get a little more in touch with the incredible beauty that nature offers. That’s why visiting camp sites is only growing more popular by the year. In 2011, 42.5 million people went on a camping trip, spending 534.9 million days at campgrounds around the country.

And while going camping in tents is by far the most popular way to enjoy the outdoors — 86% of people surveyed said they go camping by tent — a growing number of people are choosing not to “rough it,” instead choosing to bring some of the comforts of home along with them.

So the next time you and your family go to your favorite camp sites, keep these camping amenities and innovations in mind — they’ll help you enjoy the natural world in comfort:

Insulated tents

A new innovation in tent camping offers campers a warm, cozy place to sleep at night without compromising the authenticity of their camping experience. According to PSFK.com, the Thermo Tent is an insulated tent that keeps in warmth, keeps out the cold and even muffles the sound level from outside — perfect for light sleepers.

Electricity-equipped cabins

According to a recent C and G News article, today’s campgrounds are upping the amount of electricity their cabins are equipped to provide in response to growing demand from campers with electric devices that need to be charged. By staying in a cabin, everyone in your family can keep their various devices charged at all times — and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up a tent, either.

Luxury camp sites

For those who want to take their camping experience to a new level of home-like comfort, there’s the growing trend of “glamping.” At luxury camping resorts, campers can choose from a variety of different luxurious accommodations where they can rest after a long day of hiking. From yurts to vintage RVs and even bed and breakfast suites, glampers have a huge number of options.

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