September 8, 2011 Camping Tips

Garbage Can Dinner for Camping

Looking for an easy campsite recipe that will feed a hungry group? Check out this Garbage Can Dinner from Jellystone Park Campground guest Stephanie Miller. This hearty meal is cooked over the campfire and feeds 12-18 people.
18 ears of corn, unhusked
5 lbs. medium potatoes, washed but uncut
5 large onions, peeled
8 lbs. sausage (any kind)
1 lb. carrots, peeled
Prepare a 30-gallon galvanized garbage can, including the lid, by heating over your campfire until it’s black inside and out. When cool, wash well. This process removes the galvanizing chemical, which is toxic.
Stand up corn in bottom of can. Top with whole potatoes, onions, carrots and then sausage. Fill with water just to cover food by an inch.
Arrange two concrete bricks on either side of your campfire. Set the garbage can on the bricks; cover and cook one hour. Remove can from fire and serve, using a large slotted spoon.