June 18, 2014 Blog

Celebrate All Things Canadian with Us on Canada Day

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1, commemorates the date in 1867 when three Canadian provinces were united into a single country. This marked the beginning of the nation’s journey toward independence from Great Britain. Originally called Dominion Day, In 1982 the country declared the date a holiday and renamed it Canada Day. Where better to spend the holiday this year than with your friends at Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resorts?

Several of our Canadian parks host a fun, family friendly Canada Day event – here’s a look at what they have planned for 2014.

In Kingston, Nova Scotia, take a trip “Around the World” over the long weekend of June 27-July 1. Each day features a new destination – from an Irish Clover Hunt, African Relay Race and Greek Statues to Kangaroo Races, Brazilian Soccer and a Rio Carnival Dance. Kids will love the Mexican Fiesta Piñata Party with Yogi Bear™! For teens, there’s a free Italian Pizza Party and adults can taste wines and cheeses from all across the globe!

On July 1st at Jellystone Park™ Toronto, help Yogi Bear™ in wishing Canada a very Happy Birthday by joining in the Canada Day Celebrations! Whether its having a maple leaf painted on your face, or making your very own Canadian flag, be sure to sport outfits covered in red and white.

And on June 27-30 in Niagara Falls, Yogi Bear™ is having a huge birthday bash for Canada! Join your friends for a patriotic weekend celebrating everything Canadian. There will be cake, candles and a dance on Saturday evening. Bring all your favourite Canadian gear for the parade to win a prize for the most patriotic Canadian.

Happy Birthday Canada!