Camping for the Frugal Family: 5 Ways to Save on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Camping for the Frugal Family: 5 Ways to Save on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Family camping trips are some of the most common activities in America, and families are willing to travel far and wide for them. In fact, the average distance traveled to go camping is 186.7 miles, according to a survey by the American Camper Report.

But family vacations can be expensive, especially if you don’t prepare correctly. You may find yourself purchasing items you otherwise wouldn’t need, and that can drive your personal costs up a great deal. So whether you’re planning a trip to North Carolina campgrounds or tent camping in New York, we’ve crafted some cost-effective tips for you, the frugal camper.

Buy Used Equipment

The idea might not appeal to some campers, especially those who are wary of older equipment breaking down on them in the wilderness. But the truth of the matter is that used camping equipment can save you a lot of money. To help ease your mind, you should make a point to purchase from your friends, family, or someone you trust. If you can purchase used camping equipment from a trusted source, you’ll be saving money and setting yourself up for a successful trip.

Create a Reusable Camping Kit

Instead of buying items that only last for a little while, try building a kit of items that can be used again and again. One-time use items might seem like a great idea, but ultimately you’re wasting money and creating more waste. Items such as spices, tarps, ropes, and canned goods are all excellent inclusions. The best part? You should be able to pack this kit up and store it for your next camping excursion!

Use Items From Home

On that same note, bring camping items from home. Items like dishes, silverware, blankets, and all manner of basic household items can make a world of difference during your camping trip. And bringing them from your own home can save you from having to buy extra sets of things like plastic cups or plates. Just be sure to leave the fine china in your cabinets.

Leave Your Cooler In The Shade

This might not seem like an amazing tip, but leaving your cooler in the shade can actually prolong the lifespan of the ice inside. In turn, it prevents the need to go out and buy more. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy some cool beverages while getting the most out of your initial investment. But as a best practice, you should probably avoid leaving your cooler in direct sunlight anyway.

Use The Woods For Entertainment

Don’t spend money on things like toys or games if you can help it, the woods are full of entertainment. Go for walks or hikes, explore the surroundings. You can have all the entertainment you need at a low price. Not only is it entertaining, it’s also educational, especially for young children.

Whether you’re camping at North Carolina campgrounds or tenting up in New York, these money-saving tips will leave the frugal camper in you positively beaming. There’s nothing wrong with a heavy wallet, after all.


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