Camping & Hiking Tips

Back to Nature

  • If you plan to camp with your family for the first time, consider hosting a backyard camp out first. That way everyone can learn to set up the tent, try out some campfire recipes, get used to nighttime sounds and get the little ones excited for the real thing.
  • Make the trip enjoyable for all from the very start. When choosing a tent camping campsite, look for a level, shaded site; good drainage in case of rain; a nearby place to throw out your trash; and perhaps most important, close proximity to restrooms and the recreational facilities!
  • Make a list and check it twice. Keep an ongoing list of items to take each time you go on the family camping trip. Don’t forget extra shoes and socks for the kids, extra blankets, and necessary accessories, such as a 30 or 50 amp extension cord and adapters.
  • So you can spend more time with your family enjoying the great outdoors, prepare meals such as soups and chili in advance and freeze them. You’ll just need to heat them up beforehand. And don’t forget the quick, convenient foods everyone can grab on the go — dried fruits, veggies, cheese, crackers and other snacks.
  • There are plenty of activities the whole family can enjoy while camping – everything from storytelling to stargazing. But if everyone can’t agree on one activity, be sure to pack cards, miscellaneous games and toys. These also will come in handy in case of rain.
  • Keep your family safe. When you are tent camping, you will want to avoid unwanted visits from critters by storing food away and make sure the whole gang understands NOT to feed any animals that may come around.
  • What better way to enjoy nature together than to take a family hike. First, acquaint yourself with specific nature trails and general terrain of the area, then plan your trek according to the ability level of all members of your family. And be sure to carry enough food and water for all.
  • To make the hike more interesting for the little ones, turn it into an educational experience by making a game of identifying birds, plants and small animals. You can even collect pretty leaves for making crafts later.