Useful Camping Tips and Places You Can Go

Useful Camping Tips and Places You Can Go

Camping is a time honored American tradition. Approximately 40 million people go camping each year. Let’s explore where you and your family can go camping?

Why You Might Like Camping in Colorado

It’s no surprise that many people end up heading to Colorado for great camping and hiking adventures. It’s the only state that is 100% above 3,000 feet, and it has the mountains, peaks and amazing views to show for it, every season of the year. Colorado is a good choice for hunting, boating, and fishing.

Why New York Camping isn’t Just a Big Apple

Why go camping in New York? Believe it or not, the city only comprises a very small section of the state, many areas of which are forested and great for summer or fall camping. New York also has many spots for RV campgrounds, making it an appealing choice for families who don’t plan on roughing it in a tent. New York has many rivers, streams and lakes that help make for great camping sites.

The Appeal of Camping in Ohio

Camping in Ohio can be fun year-round, and there are almost 50 different campgrounds available in the state. For horse lovers, Ohio even has many equestrian camping sites, where visitors can enjoy locations next to bridle trails as well as normal camping conveniences, such as drinking water and picnic tables.

Three Useful Camping Tips No Matter Where You Are

    • Have a plan in place for dealing with food and trash storage, which can attract unwanted animals if you’re not careful. Most animals can break through simple closed bags. In areas where bears are native, never keep food or waste near you while you are sleeping.
  • Teach kids the camping “rule of three,” where you only pick up a living thing for three seconds, take three steps, and show it to three people. This not only helps preserve ecosystems, but teaches kids a valuable lesson about respecting the natural environment around them.
    • Get ingredients for fun campfire snacks before you go. To make “squirrel tails,” bring a can of biscuits, butter, and a sugar/cinnamon mixture. Wind the biscuit around a stick (like a tail) and cook it in the fire. Then, dunk it in butter, and dip it in the sugar for a delicious treat.

    Have you gone camping in Ohio, or anywhere else? Let us know in the comments.


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