July 9, 2014 Blog

Is It Safe To Camp Alone?

More often than not, some rest and relaxation — or a nice, long vacation — are a welcome change from the daily grind. The 43 Americans who camped last year, moreover, were onto something. Camping can be a fun and restful idea for family vacations, but it can also be a great solitary activity. What are some tips for Americans who want to strike out and go camping on their own?

Carefully Inspect Any Gear and Equipment Before You Leave

“Test your camping gear before you pack — especially if it has been sitting unused in storage for a while. Bring extra batteries, matches, a lighter, tinder and paper in a plastic bag so they don’t get wet,” The Travel Channel recommends. Decide from the start whether you will go cabin camping or tent camping. If you are camping in a tent, make sure it is practical to place all of the poles on your own.

Do You Have a Dog? Consider Bringing Him or Her Along

Solo campers can guarantee a certain amount of companionship and safety simply by bringing a dog along. (Okay, so that’s not strictly alone — but dogs are likely to be relatively silent and agreeable companions!) Dogs can pick up on sounds before humans, alerting you to any animals near cabin rentals or near your tent in family campgrounds. “It was only because of 2 dogs that I survived a run-in with a mountain lion in New Mexico,” one lone camper tells The Travel Channel.

Don’t Stray From The Marked Trails

Some campgrounds have luxurious amenities that can easily keep you occupied all day long. If you want to venture out into nature, however, stick to marked paths — especially if you are camping by yourself. That way, if you lose cellphone service and you need help, you’re likely to run into someone.

Cabin camping — or even camping in a tent — can be an extremely relaxing experience with friends and family, or even on your own! Know what to expect and be careful if you do plan to go camping alone.