Deciding on Your Type of RV for a Family Vacation

Whether you’ve decided to rent, borrow or purchase an RV for your next family camping vacation, consider what kind of RV will suit your budget and your camping requirements. RV’s have enhanced the experience of being out in nature by providing comfortable and accessible home-style amenities.

Before you go out and decide on purchasing or renting an RV, you should figure out what your budget will allow you to work with for ownership/rental and utilization of the trip(s). These costs will include, gas, insurance, monthly payments, storage maintenance and standard trip costs. If you decide upon renting an RV the only costs that you will be responsible for are the initial rental fees, gas and insurance and standard trip costs.

Pop Up Campers

The most economical choice for RV choices would be a pop-up camper. Pop-up campers can be hooked up to a standard trailer hitch and hauled easily to a Jellystone Park™ RV Camping Resort.

Pop-up campers typically cost between $4,000 to $13,000 for a new one. However, they can offer similar features as many of the luxurious RV’s including electricity, heating, beds, and extra storage space. The pop up camper is different, though, because of its compact size which makes for an easier storage solution.

Truck Campers

A similar option to the pop up camper is a truck camper.A truck camper mounts directly into the truck bed and can go anywhere the truck can go. Truck campers typically sleep up to six people and cost between $4,000 to $26,000 new.

5th Wheels or Travel Trailers

The next step up in towable RV choices is a travel trailer or fifth wheel.Travel trailers are towed with a standard truck hitch, whereas 5th wheels are hitched to the bed of the truck. Because of the more stable hitch, 5th wheels tend to be heavier and bigger.Travel trailers and 5th wheels can run upwards of about $100,000 new and can come fully loaded with most or all of the amenities of a motor home including a bathroom, kitchen, beds, couch, TV and other convenient options. If you’re looking for a travel trailer or 5th wheel, consider how much room you will need for you and your family. Some towable RV options have slide-out capabilities for extra space. Of course, before renting or purchasing one of these RVs for your trip to a Jellystone Park RV Campground, consider what kind of hauling capabilities your truck has and if you will be able to tow the travel trailer or fifth wheel.

Conversion Vans

A conversion van is an excellent way to break into owning a traveling home. Conversion vans create a very cozy and compact space that will allow you to live on the wheels you travel with, while offering significantly better gas mileage than a motor home. In most cases, conversion vans have an elevated roof which allows for standing room inside the van and extra storage space. Conversion vans are also great because they can be used as practical transportation even when you are not camping. Manufacturers add a variety of standard and optional conveniences to conversion vans such as a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations with a cost around $50,000 new.

Motor Homes

Motor homes are the ultimate vehicle for serious travelers. Many vacationers decide to purchase one of these instead of a condo or second house. Motor homes also have a broad variety of options and features that can be modified to the owner’s preferences.Motor homes are the most luxurious option available to vacationers and come with all or many of the best features offered from other RV choices including slide-out space, shower, bathroom, heating, air conditioning, toilets, cooking options, entertainment options and much more. It is recommended before purchasing an RV that you test one out by renting it for a trip to see if it can accommodate your family’s RV Camping needs.

Purchasing an RV is a major decision considering the fact that some new RV motorhomes are selling for as high as $200,000 dollars, but can be totally worth the investment if it is used accordingly. Before heading out on your next RV camping vacation, you should learn to use the options and features of your RV such as water, electric and sewage in order to make a much smoother and easier trip. Not every family RV Park will have on site assistance like Jellystone Parks do, so make sure to read your manuals, participate in discussions online with forums and blogs and learn as much as you can.

Family camping at an RV camping resort can and should be fun and memorable; make sure you take the right steps to getting the right RV for your family’s needs and your budget.