Wagon Rides

Kids of all ages love an old-fashioned wagon ride. Find a spot on the wagon and relax while you’re pulled around the park. Wave to the other campers and sing songs. Yogi Bear™ or Boo Boo™ usually tag along, which makes it even more exciting. For many kids, the wagon ride is the highlight of their day.

“When do we get to ride with Yogi?!” they’ll beg. Some parks pull the wagon by tractor and some by truck. Because of the mess real hay makes, most parks call it a “Hey” ride and you’ll sit on a bench instead of a hay bail. No matter what you’re sitting on, though, it will be a memorable part of your family vacation and one that’s a “must-do” during your stay.

A few Jellystone Park™ campgrounds even have firetruck rides!
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