Jellystone Park Hiking

Jellystone Park™ campgrounds offer the best of both worlds, with modern amenities in natural surroundings. If you desire the great outdoors, hike on a wooded trail and teach your kids about trees, birds, and bugs. Many parks have hiking trails in or near the park, and our locations out west provide spectacular views!

  • Estes Park, Colorado is located only 8 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. Talk about beautiful scenery!
  • Hike through Glacier Park near our location in Missoula, Montana ; there are more than 700 miles of trails that wind past hidden valleys and lakes.
  • In Bagley, Wisconsin you can bike down a trail next to Boo Boo™ Creek, or hike along the Avalanche Trail.
  • Walk alongside the water fowl habitat at Partridge Lake in Fremont, Wisconsin.
  • Nestled at the edge of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the famous Maddron Bald/Albright Grove Trail head is just feet away from the Gatlinburg, Tennessee campground.
  • Hiking trails in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and hunting in the adjoining Jefferson National Forest at our Natural Bridge, Virginia location is sure to appeal to the sportsman!

Hiking Tips

Here are a few pointers for day hiking:

It seems obvious, but it is never safe to hike alone or separate from your group. Accidents happen; therefore it’s a good idea for all hikers to carry a whistle. Three short blasts on a whistle are a sign of distress.

Teach children to “hug a tree” if they become lost. This means staying in one place so that rescue personnel can find them more easily. Also, tell children to answer if they hear someone calling their name in the woods.

Next, it’s important to plan ahead. Choose a trail that’s right for your family in distance and difficulty. Most government-run parks carry trail maps that rate trails on their level of difficulty – from easy to rugged. While hiking, stay on marked trails. Venturing into unmarked areas not only hurts the habitat, but increases your chance of getting lost.

Ensure that you are all dressed according to the weather, but that you have taken along protective wear in case of rain or cold. Good, sensible walking shoes and well-fitting socks are very important, as are hats. Make sure that everyone is wearing sunscreen and lip balm, even if it is cloudy.

Each member of your hiking party should carry water, and if you plan on a long hike, take a water purifier or filter. Don’t forget a basic first aid kit, which should include some bandages and gauze; a pair of scissors and some antiseptic lotion; pain reliever and antacid, as well as any prescribed medication. Encourage everyone, especially the children, to keep hydrated. Each person should also carry emergency rations in the form of energy bars or trail mix.

Don’t set goals that are unrealistic, especially if there are new hikers or children in the group. Rest frequently and be prepared to stop or turn back should it be evident that one of your group needs a break.

Along the way, it’s fun to identify trees, flowers, birds and animal tracks. Pick up a guide from your local library or bookstore to help your family spot the plant and animal life.

Ultimately, hiking is not about going the furthest or the fastest. It’s about getting outdoors and making memories!

Many of our parks offer nature walks or biking paths through beautiful trees or around ponds and lakes, so put on your hiking boots, pack some trail mix, and breathe in fresh air!

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