Your Fall Camping Checklist: What You Need to Bring

There are few things better than taking the family on a camping trip. Just consider what recent years have shown. In 2010, 40 million people went camping for a grand total of 515 million outings. In 2011, families spent 534.9 million days camping altogether. Then, in 2013, Americans went camping for a total of 516.6 million days. Autumn camping, in particular, is one of the best things you can do with...

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August 18, 2015 Campgrounds

Tent Camping Vacation vs Cabin Rental: Which is Better?

Did you know that camping vacations are one of the most popular choices for family vacations in the United States?   A 2011 report showed that 42.5 million U.S. people went camping, spending a total of 534.9 million days on a campground. A recent study shows that the most popular form of camping is by tent, with 86% of people who responded stating they used a tent when camping. Cabin...

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4 Tips for a Technology Free Family Camping Trip

Oh, technology -- smartphones, tablets, mp3 players -- all those visual Kool-Aid devices that keep kids tranquilized and quiet while parents try to steal some peaceful personal time! It’s amazing, but at the same time it can be scary when your kids get that glassy-eyed robot look to them. Encouraging kids to be active is harder and harder with all of the sedentary distractions available -- you can take something...

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Allows Campers to Fish for Free

Camping in Colorado is about to get a whole lot fishier. This weekend, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be allowing residents and visitors alike to discover the joys of fishing during the state's yearly free fishing weekend. Anglers of all ages will be able to fish without a license at any of the state's camping sites, rivers and lakes, the Denver Post reports. And Coloradans have plenty of places to...

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May 26, 2015 Blog, Campgrounds

How to Safely Set Up a Campfire to Avoid the Dangers of Wildfire

With the weather finally beginning to warm up, it's time for camping season to get off to a start. It's virtually guaranteed that millions of Americans and their families will go camping at least once this summer -- in 2013, Americans spent a combined 516.6 million days at campgrounds for an average of five trips per person! And because about 70% of campers will spend at least one or two...

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March 16, 2015 Blog, Campgrounds

Four Fabulous Locations Across the Country to Consider for Your Next RV Camping Trip

Going camping in an RV is one of the most popular ways that American families choose to spend their time in the great outdoors -- in fact, almost one-fourth of people, 24%, say they prefer this way of camping! RV campers also enjoy some of the longest, most enriching camping trips -- an amazing 28% of RV camping trips are for five nights or longer. Looking for somewhere truly unforgettable...

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