5 of The Best U.S. States For Camping

5 of The Best U.S. States For Camping

Looking to take a road trip for your next camping excursion? The U.S. is home to diverse landscapes and climates, giving you your pick of places to camp. When looking to select your next destination, consider the following locations. Whether pitching tents in Montana or renting cabins in New Hampshire, your camping group is sure to love some of the most popular states for camping.

    1. New York: Home to both the Finger Lakes and the Adirondack Mountains and bordered by Lakes Ontario and Erie, New York State holds some of the most beautiful camping destinations. Summer and fall trips are especially beautiful. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy historic sites, lakeside campfires, and various levels of hiking.
    2. New Hampshire: Similar to the stunning New England landscapes of Vermont and Maine, New Hampshire is a waterside and forest camper’s dream. Surround yourself with the smell of evergreens and enjoy the beautiful biodiversity that this state has to offer. Many of the state parks offer affordable cabins in New Hampshire, but be sure to book well in advance.
    3. Colorado: If you want to be surrounded by mountains during your camping trip,
      head to Colorado. With rigorous hiking, dependable sunshine, and tranquil lakes, this state has something for every outdoorsy family. The dry western air contrasts the humid northeastern air, so you will see a totally different set of plants and animals here.
    4. Montana: This sprawling state is known for its vast expanses of nature and towering mountains. Montana’s many rivers are also ideal for rafting, a great activity to try with kids. If you’ve been wanting to try rock climbing, this is also the place to do it. Montana has tons of places to camp, so be sure to look into the wide selection of campgrounds.
    5. Michigan: Michigan is another dream destination for fresh water enthusiasts. Situated between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, this state is also home to a network of smaller lakes and rivers. Whether renting a cabin, towing a camper, or pitching a tent, your family is sure to revel in these serene landscapes.

These are just a few of the country’s top states for camping and outdoor recreation. Studies show that 87% of campers enjoyed multiple outdoor activities while camping. These locations offer hiking, fishing, boating, and other forms of leisure, making your camping trip as full and relaxing as you want it to be.


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