3 Tips for Camping With Toddlers

3 Tips for Camping With Toddlers

Camping is one of the most beloved outdoor activities in America, and often one that’s done more than once a year by those that do it. According to statistics, the average camper in 2013 went camping 5.4 times in that year alone. Whether that has been at campgrounds, an RV, a cabin, or just a tent in the woods.

Camping can be fun with the whole family. There are lots of activities to do, not just sitting around the campfire or roasting s’mores. You can fish, hike, swim, explore the woods, or just play games like volleyball down at the beach. There’s plenty to do.

But, sometimes you have to take precautions. Like when you’re camping with a toddler, and need to make sure they’re safe. Toddlers can get into all sorts of trouble if you’re not prepared!

Here are three things you should do to keep your toddler out of trouble and spare you a headache:

    1. Remember The Sunscreen! This is more of a tip for every camper out there, but definitely for those of you with toddlers! Remember to pack sunscreen, no matter if you’re out at the beach or lake, or just around the campfire. The sun can find you, and it will burn you. Also, bring lotions for other skin conditions too. Bugspray, aloe-vera gel in case of poison-ivy. You’ll be thankful that you have it later!
    2. Pack Everything! If you think that the supplies are needed, chances are that they are. Pack wipes, moisture wipes to clean up as they’ll be your best bet if you’re not at a cabin or campground. Food, perishable and non-perishable (especially the non-perishable, make sure it’s securely sealed) and all the clothes you’ll need and a spare set. Just in case. It’s never a bad idea to be over prepared.
    3. Games and Entertainment
      You’ll want to make sure you have plenty to do. Floatables for the water if you’ll be swimming, toys for the sand, games or toys to play with at the campsite. Not just for the toddler, either! Pack things that the adults can enjoy, too. You can find a lot of cheap, easily replaceable toys at the dollar store, which is a good thing because you can pretty much guarantee a few will be lost. It’s pretty much a given.

Don’t be unprepared when you’re camping, especially with your children! It can save a lot of hassle and headaches later if you prepare early!


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