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If you are planning your next family vacation, consider cabin camping or RV camping. In the United States, there are 113,000 federally owned campgrounds and 166,000 camping facilities in state parks. Ohio state campgrounds offer cabin facilities, tent camping areas, and secured locations for RVs. Even luxury facilities can be found, so that people do not need to totally rough it while on vacation.

Camping can be the most inexpensive option for families who want to spend quality time together away from the home. In fact, 40 million people in 2010 thought that RV camping was a great option for them. Camping not only supplies a unique experience, but it provides many great benefits.

1. Camping supplies clean air. When campers visit Ohio State campgrounds, they are surrounding by wilderness. The trees and plants that surround the campsite provide abundant amounts of oxygen. Increased oxygen helps to enhance brain function and increase the breakdown of essential nutrients in the body. The result of breathing fresh air can be seen as the brain becomes more active and energy starts to increase.

2. Visiting RV parks can stimulate the brain and increase the strength of neural pathways. This occurs when people take part in new activities. The experiences provide new information to the brain to increase activity substantially. About 74% of all people take part in new and exciting activities when they go camping. This means that the majority of people who camp are feeding their brains and learning new things.

3. By visiting Ohio State campgrounds, people can experience better sleep. Days full of hikes, nature exploration, and water sports leave the body tired at night. The increase in activity drains the body of energy to make it easier to fall asleep. Also, distractions like televisions, phone calls and internet usage are reduced when RV campgrounds are a part of a vacation. Improved sleep provides better concentration, increased appearance of the skin, and better digestion. Also, by sleeping seven to nine hours a night, people feel more awake during the day so they can continue to experience the adventures of the outdoor wilderness.

Camping is great a recreational activity for anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Camping has a history dating back to the late 1800s. The first campground, called Cunningham’s camp, was established in 1894. Thomas Holding is considered the father of recreational camping, and Holding spent most of his youth and his adult years enjoying the outdoors and touring both the United States and Ireland.

Camping is as popular today as it was in the early days, and in some ways it is even more attractive than it used to be. In fact, three million more people went camping in 2012 than in 2011.
The typical camper travels almost 200 miles and engages in five or more camping trips a year. There are many things that you should consider before going camping in Ohio. Read through the tips below and make sure you are prepared for your outdoor adventure.

1. Camping in Ohio does not mean that you have to rough it in a tent, unless you want to, that is! You have a variety of camper, cabin, and other luxury options open to you to make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible.
Consider RV camping at RV parks with a rental if you want luxury and all the amenities of home. Our cabins also provide comfort with running water, electricity, and a spacious area for you to spend your time. When you rent a cabin or an RV you don’t have to worry about bringing items that you would if you were staying in a tent.

2. Think about how to respect your outdoor environment when you go family camping. You do not want to contaminate the wilderness or leave refuse behind. Purchase biodegradable soaps to keep the water within the campground clean, and bring trash bags to store all food and garbage wastes in. Do not leave the waste at the campground.

3. Family camping is great for kids and it will give them a chance to experience something new! The outdoor wilderness brings a wide variety of sounds and sensations that may be frightening to children. Set up a tent outdoors with your kids and explain how crickets, birds, and other animals make noises in the evening. Make sure to bring flashlights, both for security and to provide a fun atmosphere.

4. Camping in Ohio is an adventure. This means you should look for new experiences to make the most of your camping trip. Consider mountain hikes, canoe adventures, and wilderness exploration.

Camping is a time honored American tradition. Approximately 40 million people go camping each year. Let’s explore where you and your family can go camping?

Why You Might Like Camping in Colorado

It’s no surprise that many people end up heading to Colorado for great camping and hiking adventures. It’s the only state that is 100% above 3,000 feet, and it has the mountains, peaks and amazing views to show for it, every season of the year. Colorado is a good choice for hunting, boating, and fishing.

Why New York Camping isn’t Just a Big Apple

Why go camping in New York? Believe it or not, the city only comprises a very small section of the state, many areas of which are forested and great for summer or fall camping. New York also has many spots for RV campgrounds, making it an appealing choice for families who don’t plan on roughing it in a tent. New York has many rivers, streams and lakes that help make for great camping sites.

The Appeal of Camping in Ohio

Camping in Ohio can be fun year-round, and there are almost 50 different campgrounds available in the state. For horse lovers, Ohio even has many equestrian camping sites, where visitors can enjoy locations next to bridle trails as well as normal camping conveniences, such as drinking water and picnic tables.

Three Useful Camping Tips No Matter Where You Are

    • Have a plan in place for dealing with food and trash storage, which can attract unwanted animals if you’re not careful. Most animals can break through simple closed bags. In areas where bears are native, never keep food or waste near you while you are sleeping.
  • Teach kids the camping “rule of three,” where you only pick up a living thing for three seconds, take three steps, and show it to three people. This not only helps preserve ecosystems, but teaches kids a valuable lesson about respecting the natural environment around them.
    • Get ingredients for fun campfire snacks before you go. To make “squirrel tails,” bring a can of biscuits, butter, and a sugar/cinnamon mixture. Wind the biscuit around a stick (like a tail) and cook it in the fire. Then, dunk it in butter, and dip it in the sugar for a delicious treat.

    Have you gone camping in Ohio, or anywhere else? Let us know in the comments.

Did you know that, much like cats, raccoon purr when they feel safe and content? Hopefully if you go camping, you won’t necessarily be finding out whether this fact is true or not. Camping, it can be said, is one of the great American pastimes, and about 40 million people in the U.S. choose to go camping each year. Not only can it be a great way to relax with friends and family, but it’s also a fairly affordable vacation option. If you are thinking of going camping this year? Here are several facts you should keep in mind.

    • Never, or rarely, been camping before? No problem. There are, however, some lessons you’d probably rather not learn the hard way. One lesson is to always properly secure your trash — and do so away from where you’re sleeping so that if animals do come, they won’t be trampling through your things. The idea of raccoons purring might be cute in theory, but it’s less cute if they’re purring contentedly after raiding your s’mores stash.
    • Find recipes for fun campfire foods. Don’t just stick to hot dogs — try out something new! There are many neat, easy recipes that use tinfoil or fruit as a ‘bowl” to cook various savories and desserts. Check out “banana boats” for one yummy example.
  • Have more to start the fire than just a lighter. You won’t always be lucky enough to have very dry wood and a no-wind day, and many people find out the hard way that a box of matches and a few sticks aren’t enough to build a fire. Newspaper and lighter fluid are good to have.

Where Should You Go? You can either find a park nearby, or take this as an opportunity for a road trip and see what’s out there. Camping in Colorado comes highly rated by several camping experts who cite its beautiful mountains, and national parks.

    • If you’re in the north, try camping in Ohio. There are many campgrounds open year long.
    • RV camping is fairly popular, and an alternative to having to pitch up a tent. If you don’t own an RV, you can rent one. RV campgrounds can be a good choice, and are specifically set up to accommodate RVs.
    • Not surprisingly, our park campgrounds offers, water features, great accommodations and so much more! It helps to plan your budget, and enjoy your stay with no concerns!

Have you gone camping in Ohio or anywhere else? Let us know in the comments.

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